HOLLY LORKA - The entire, ridiculous truth.
At the age of 4, while sitting at the table in her parent's freshly-wallpapered kitchen, Holly announced to her family, "I'm going to be a superstar." Then she ran out to play with her brother's Matchbox Cars.
After a disturbing battle with adolescence (which she lost) and years spent playing Dungeons And Dragons, Holly chose the path that would most obviously lead her to superstardom: she became a nurse. Soon, however, she realized that the lights in the hospital would never be bright enough, and that no one was going to put her on stage to give a suppository. She thought back to eighth grade, when she was awarded "Best Sense Of Humor" and knew that comedy could offer her what medicine could not.
Holly was a stand-up comedian for 5 years, appeared in the movie Cancerpants and performed at the 2011 Boston Comedy Festival and 2012 Moontower Comedy Festival. She was a finalist in the 2011 Funniest Person In Austin Contest,  has opened for Hal Sparks, Julie Goldman, Dana Goldberg and  Margaret Smith. 

Holly retired from comedy in 2012 to begin exorcising her demons by writing and telling her very personal stories of sex, gender and shame- all in an effort to embarrass her parents. She is now a regular at the BedPost Confessions Show, has appeared in the Soundtrack Series (was included in the 2013 "Best Of " Soundtrack Series Podcast) and the Encyclopedia Show. She is currently pursuing a tour of college campuses, and is particularly popular in Kansas. Go figure.  She has shown many folks a darn good time.
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